RIDGE 2.5i LED Screen Panel

Indoor LED Wall Panel with NovaStar Processing

RIDGE 2.5i LED Screen panels offer outstanding performance with flexible installation options. Particularly well suited to fixed installations, RIDGE can be installed in ground stack, flown, or wall-mounted configurations. The 2.5 pixel pitch is a great match for smaller venues and stages that are closer to the audience.

Designed with camera-optimized scan rates and our proprietary color technology, RIDGE LED screen panels will look as good on camera as in live settings. This makes RIDGE perfect for broadcast, streaming, live video, VR/VX studio, and IMAG concert applications.

RIDGE LED panels have high visibility in nearly any indoor light. THOR’S proprietary brightness scaling technology delivers crisp images at any brightness level.

  • 2.5mm pixel pitch for 10 ft closest viewer
  • NovaStar Processing
  • Easy servicing from front or back
  • Best in class on-camera performance
  • Easily visible in all levels of ambient light
  • Ideal for churches, fixed installations, and VR/XR Studio production.