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LED Video Displays

Performance matters! Clear, bright, and seamless images create an amazing experience. The THOR Slate and Edge LED panel series boast sharp images and simply captivates.



Clarity! The lightweight, low-profile and high-quality THOR:Hammer microphone provides clear articulate audio for your audience.

"Great sound with little to no EQ required, great gain before feedback…Great value, quality headset."

C.T. from Indiana (THOR:HAMMER Review)

"We love our THOR: Hammer! It sounds freakin amazing."

M.R. from Maine (THOR:HAMMER Review)

"After using it today, everything was perfect…ran everything flat, except for a 140Hz HPF."

S.W. from Wisconsin (THOR:HAMMER Review)

"They are professional and delivered quality on a level that exceeded our expectations."

C.A. from North Carolina (THOR:SLATE Review)

"I’m super blown away by how good the 3.9 looks…they have a larger than “normal” LED so the fill rate is higher…resulting in it looking VERY smooth."

B.C. from Louisiana (THOR:SLATE Review)

"THOR: LED panels…priced with the low cost units but performs with the top."

J.M. from Idaho (THOR:SLATE Review)

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Our Process

Your audience paired up with our product design is a beautiful display of technological advancements. In all our conversations, we continue to listen, watch and collaborate to provide high performance solutions.